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I am the Apple in your eyes

Posted in BENTO, Side Dishes, WASABI BENTO by  •  May 12, 2016

  Don't you think this is like the pretties side dish ever for a Bento! Ingredients: 2 Eggs 4 Crab Sticks Edamame Black Sesame...

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Sakura Onigiri

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  May 7, 2016

Late post. I made this Sakura Onigiri for lunch in March on the 1st day of Spring.This is a very beautiful and elegant onigiri and it will be a...

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That day when I posted my Storm Trooper bento, 1 of my friend commented that he will be looking forward to my bento on May 4th.....I was totally...

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