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2 Crab Stick + Egg
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Don’t you think this is like the pretties side dish ever for a Bento!

2 Eggs
4 Crab Sticks
Black Sesame Seeds


Cute daoooooo <3apple4


Here’s how to make it:

Measure the crab stick. Make sure it fits.13120942_10154042009641878_786555135_o

I don’t advice this method. Really difficult to roll the egg.  

Alternatively, you can 1st make an egg sheet, then roll the crab stick in. Wrap with cling firm to secure the shape.

(Updates: I fried the egg sheet 1st and then only wrap the crab stick. I do think it is easier method.)

I will do it it next time and upload the photos here.


Tips: Make sure the red part of the crab stick is facing out and the white part are facing each other.

Wrap in cling wrap to hold it into shape and let rest for 30mins.13105984_10154042009616878_414051433_o

Cut to the slices. Add 2 sesame seeds in each side of the crab stick. Open the Edamame in half and place on top of the crab stick as apple stem.apple1



love apples

Here’s a Bento that I made with these Apples as side dish. These apples basically will go with any bento that you plan to make. The colors are beautiful, you have yellow, red and green. It will totally make you Bento looks super cute <3 huhuhuLocal Guides

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