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I have some leftover curry chicken and rice. I wanna make a bento with white rice. I don’t want color rice, just plain rice to match with my curry chicken. You can find the link to the curry chicken and the bottom of this post.
Other than making cute bento, the taste is also important for me. I eat the bento(s) that I make, so it is important to be edible and yummy!

Baymax is white color, so it will be perfect <3

I have a story today.

While making bento, my new housemates asked me abt the ingredients that I am using. Crab sticks and Nori Sheets.
Thy have not seen crab sticks or nori sheets before. They have not tasted seaweed before. I passed them some nori sheets to try.

This motivate me to continue my bento making. This is also something new I learned today, of other’s culture. What seems to be common for us is not for everyone. Really love meeting new people and learning about them.
I guess it’s, “The more we share, the more we have!” ♡

So here’t my bento, TADAAAA!

Baymax1OMG Too Cute!!!

Baymax2 Loukong said Baymax looked like he got stuck in a bathtub!! Fatty Baymax huhuhu

Here’s the link to Curry Chicken Recipe. Click on here!

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