Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu

0 Onigirazu, Japanese Rice Sandwich
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Sorry for being away for so so long.

There’s alot of changes that happened since my last post.

In short, I had moved to Singapore and had been busy traveling.

Here’s my 1st Bento in Singapore. Hope I can do more bento when things settle down.


Receive this Star Wars bento box from a close friend during Christmas.

I love it alot! It’s a perfect size. Especially for Onigirazu.

So I started drafting 1 night when I can’t sleep.

Usually I don’t draw my bento before I made them. But I can’t sleep so I thought it will help to make me sleepy.

onigirazu 2

Because this bento was for my lunch, I just made the Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu this time because it will be too much if I make both types.

The portion is good to make 3 onigirazu. I even feed my Singapore’s housemate because it is too much for 1 person.


3 Nori sheet
Beef bulgogi
(Recipe in separate post-will share the link shortly)
1/4 Red bell pepper
1/4 Yellow bell pepper
1/2 Carrots
(cut carrots, red bell pepper and yellow bell pepper in long strip. Stir fried them for 5 mins)
Korean spinach side dish

You can change the filling to any of your favorite food. It can be Chicken Bulgogi, Fried Eggs, Tonkutsu (Pork Cutlet), Bacon hahahha….anything at all actually.

How to make Korean spinach side dish?

This is very simple.

1. 1 bunch of Spinach, boiled until cooked.
2. Drain and rinse it in cold water. Then gently squeeze the spinach to remove all the water. (Then it became a Spinach ball)
3. Cut the spinach ball into quaters and put into a large ball for mixing.
4. Add & Mix well:
2 cloves- minced garlic
1.5 tablespoon- soy sauce
½ tablespoon- sesame oil
5. Serve and add a pinch of of toasted sesame seeds.


1. Place Cling Wrap on table/counter surface.
Cling wrap will hold the onigirazu in place and easy for cutting & eating later.
2. Place nori sheet corner pointing up as per Diagram 1.
3. Evenly spread out a thin layer of rice in the middle as per Diagram 1.
4. Next, place a layer of lettuce and then a layer of beef bulgogi.
5. Now for vege, organized the vege horizontally as per Diagram 2.
6. Lastly, add a thin layer of rice and sprinkle some sesame seed.
7. Fold all 4 corners so they meet in the middle as per Diagram 3.
Do remember how you want to cut the onigirazu later. I usually place a slice of carrot outside the nori sheet as a marking where I want to cut it.
8.You should cut the onigirazu horizontally, as per Diagram 4, so that the colorful vegetables are visible later.
9. Cut and eat!

Diagram 1


Diagram 2


Diagram 3


 Diagram 4






See, it’s so PERFECT for my Starwars Bento Box.onigirazu

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