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Here’s my breakfast collections.

Sunny Feel :: Loving Feel :: Happy Feel


2Fried Egg + Avocado + Bread

1Boiled Egg + Avocado + Bread

14191769_10154372357371878_694430180_oBanana + Peanut Butter + Bread

14203627_10154372344221878_91641070_oBanana + Peanut Butter + Bread

75536_715264175276630_2784475818255684657_nBread + Sausage + Fried Egg +Baked Vegetables


13310624_10154128330706878_5487896667738143614_nAvocado + Peanut Butter

13680840_10154244583656878_749008705045901882_nChinese Porridge + Marmite

10881748_10152855880721878_2416196345010484465_nSoft Boiled Egg + Sausage Garlic Angle Hair

10847735_10152853952971878_7742692370992819547_oCheese Cake

2014-12-15-00-07-26_deco Sleepy Owl Bread

Owl Bread

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