Bunny Bento for Lunch~ Monday Rainbow~

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2014-03-23 15.42.51

Monday Rainbow because I made bunny bento ;)

2014-04-03 09.03.30

Inspired by this packet.


Rice-for face and ears

Sakura Denbu-for pinkness at cheeks and bunny’s ears

Seaweed/Nori Sheet-cut eyes and lips


Side Dishes: (which was left over foods from Sunday Lunch)

1. Nai Pak Choy  奶白菜 stir fried with carrots.

2. Super Simple Curry Chicken (will share the recipe in another posting). Click here for the recipe.


2014-03-28 17.41.45

 This is Sakura Denbu.
I tried looking for it in more than 5 shopping complexs. The only place I found is at Gardens Mall, Shojikiya. The shop just beside/in Hokkaido Ichiba.


Curry Chicken Recipe, click here!



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