Chicken Bento

2 Autumn Feel
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I have some leftover ingredients from yesterday dinner.

Some vege and minced meat mix. So I decided to make a Bento for my helper.

Side dishes:
Stir fried kailan
Japanese Hamburger steak. Here’s the link if you want to learn how to make it.  I make into small love shape meatball size and added some tomatoes.
Egg + Crab Stick Roll. Here’s the link if you want to learn how to make it.

15216229_10154624286531878_2031058525_oMake heart shape <3

15152871_10154624286496878_1982095086_oI didn’t roll the crab stick in the pan this time. I fried the egg sheet 1st and then only wrap the crab stick. I do think it is easier method.

15205700_10154624287226878_1596499389_oI really like this bento box because it have 2 colorful inside compartment <3


chick1 I added some Maple Leaves for an Autumn Feel.

chick2Look’s like a Happy Bento isn’t it! So colorful. Red, Yellow, Orange, Green. Lovely!

15182426_10154624287246878_747625504_oHello! That’s me with my bento lunch today. Gonna surprise my helper huhuhu Hope she likes it!

chick3Right choice to make the Japanese Hamburger Steak into Heart Shape. #Details #LotsOfLove

Links to:

Japanese Hamburger steak


Egg + Crab Stick Roll.









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