Crayon Shin-chan Bento

1 for TaiTai Jayson & AiTeng
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Sometimes I run out of idea what bento I wanna make, so I like to ask around my friends what cartoon characters they like.

I love it beacause I can test my skill and I can dedicate the bento for my friend when I post it. Hope 1 day I can make for them personally <3

Crayon Shin-chan is my dear taitai friend, Jayson <3 It took me so long huh……sorry dear! But I make sure the bento is worth the wait!

It’s also my besties Ai Teng favorite manga, I remember she always read this manga in secondary schools. Peng yu, still remember boh? hahahhaha

Hope you all will like it!

I took a video this time :) Wanna do some experiment to see if a photo or video post have more likes on Facebook.

14975899_10154566128611878_1961346716_oNaughty Shin-chan showing his butt butt hahhaha Really looks like Mangga la huhuhu

Side dishes:
1. Gochujang Chicken Wings
2. Baked Brussel Sprout & Carrots
3. Cherry Tomatoes

For this bento, I tried frying the chicken wings instead of baking it. It is crispier but I think it doesn’t matter because when you coat it with sauce it is the same. So better option will be baking because it is healthier and kitchen will be oil free.







14959164_10154566149221878_415391612_oOmelete for Shin-chan’s pants

A video of me rice molding Shin-chan & his butt haha 

Here’s a proper photo hahaha TADAAAAA14971669_10154566104311878_1541696933_o If you are wondering, the baked Brussels sprout is under Shin-Chan

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