Do it Yourself!

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How to plan your own trips in just 5 steps.

I hate to join travel agency or tour for my trips. I like to be “Free and easy”. So this is how I plan my own trips, and I hope my tips will help you.

It is not as difficult as you think. And I personally enjoy planning my trips because you will get to see what you want to see and spend time at places where you want to be.

Do It Yourself!

Step1-Flight Purchase:

Since we were travelling on a budget, I usually will search for Air Asia flight first. Expedia and Skyscanner is a good tools to compare and search for the cheapest flights available.

Step2-Hotel Bookings:

I personally prefer to check and search for the best hotel on tripadvisor.

Read the reviews first before you book your hotel. I like it that tripadvisor have this function where you can compare all the prices of the rooms from different hotel booking portal like,, etc.

Tips: Compare the prices in other website with the hotel website. Sometimes it is cheaper to book at the hotel website directly but other times it is cheaper to book with hotel booking portal.  

Step3-Visa Application:

Check if the country you are entering requires a Visa.

Check List:

  • Item #1 Flight Tickets
  • Item #2 Hotel Reservation
  • Item #3 Visa

What’s next?

Step4-Plan my Itinerary:

How I do it?

1. Search for the MUST VISIT/DO ITEM! -just search from ;) And list down the places that you want to visit and priorities them. Visit those highest priority first and  if you do not have time to visit all, atleast those important point of interest is already covered.

2. Entrance fees

3. Opening & Closing Time

4. Plan my days

5. How to get there?-bus/train/subway/etc- have atleast 2 options available incase plan A fails, you still have plan B.

6. Budget my expenses-you don’t want to overspend. Keep some money for shopping! huhuhu


Even that we are living in a super advanced era, I do highly recommend you to print down all your bookings and important information like your hotel addresses and contact number. Just incase your phone or laptop fails you.

Tips: Have a photocopy of your passport too! And to be double safe, take a photo of all your documents and keep in your Google Drive.

Tips: Your itinerary should be a guidance, a rough guide of how you want your day to be. Don’t force it! 

You are not joining a travelling agency tour, feel free to change your itinerary to your mood and weather on that day. If you love the point of interest your are currently at, it’s fine to spend another 1-2 hours extra to fully enjoy your visit instead of  ”touch-n-go”. 

Trust me! It’s worth it!

~Enjoy the experience of the moment, BE~

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