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0 Happy Easter Bento 2015
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Sorry guys….been very busy with my work.

Haven’t have much time during the weekends to make any bento. I felt very sad toooo~

On a positive note, I manage to grab some grocery on Friday night and make a simple bento today just in time for Easter!

I had been planning to try make some colorful easter eggs using natural colors.

It turn out really cute haha!



Totally love the colorful quail eggs! Using natural food coloring yo!


Nori Sheets
Flower Furikake
Spaghetti(to hold the bunny ears. it is safe to eat after coz the moisture in the rice will make the spaghetti soft and edible.)
Cooked Rice (50g X 1 for bunny face & 10g X 2 for bunny ears)

Easter Eggs:

First, boil some quail eggs. Peal them.

Boiled some red cabbage, the water will turn purple. Soak your quail eggs for 20mins, it will turn blue.
Squeze Lemon juice into the purple juice (from red cabbage), it will turn pink.Soak your quail eggs for 20mins, it will turn pink.
I use curry powder. This you need hot water to mix the curry poweder.  Then, soak your quail eggs for 20mins, it will turn yellow ;)

Instructions for Polka Dots pattern on Quail Eggs:

I use a straw to took out a few circle off the quail eggs.

Mix match the  difference colored circle.

And put it back into different quail eggs to get the polka dots pattern.

Please try and let me know!!!


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