Super Impressive Flower Art Sushi Roll

0 simple, but looks like a pro sushi roll
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Saw this on youtube few months ago, when I google on how to make sushi roll art. But I always don’t have the time to try it. And it seems like there is alot of steps with too much ingredients needed.

It’s actually more simple than I expected.

Tips: prepare your ingredient first. Then, you just assemble. It was super simple. I shocked myself too ;D


1) Toasted seaweed sheet
2) Sakura Denbu (for pink rice)
3) Egg Roll (replace carrot)
4) Cucumber skin
5) Crab meat stick

Here’s the Steps from youtube, video at the bottom of this post:

1) Cut ½ a toasted seaweed sheet in 5 x 1/3
2) Roll 5 pink sushi rice petals (use sakura denbu)
3) Carve a carrot cylinder (replace with egg roll)
4) Assemble the center of the flower
5) Spread sushi rice over a long sheet of nori
6) Make 3 ridges of rice then add nori sheet, fill with diced strawberries (replaced with crab meat stick-red part) and julienned cucumber skin.
7) Add a sheet of kampyo (replaced with crab meat stick which was soak in soya souce) and some more sushi rice
8) Roll up the sushi roll and then cut the roll.

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