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flower sushi

Flower Art Sushi
(Kazari Maki Sushi)

Vinegared Rice-White
Rice 300g
Sushi Vinegar 15g

Vinegared Rice-Pink
Rice 150g
Sakura Denbu 20g
(is a sweet-salty, fluffy pink flaked fish condiment- fish furikake)

Cucumber Skin (cut into strips)
Carrot (cut into thin rectangular length)
Crab Stick 1 stick (long)
Cherry Tomatoes 2 pcs
Nori Sheets 3⅟2 sheets
Soy Sause 2 tablespoons

1. Flower Stalk
(i) Take 1 half of nori sheets. Fold into half and cut into 2 equal sheets.
(ii) Unfold the crab stick and use only the white part. Cut into half (same size of nori sheets). Soak it in 2 tablespoons of soy sauce for 15mins.
(ii) Wrap the crab stick with nori sheets.

2. Pink petals.
(i) Take 2 half of nori sheets, and place one on top of the other. Then, fold and cut the sheets into three ⅓ nori sheets.
(ii) You will get 6pcs X ⅓ sheet but you will only need 5 pcs of ⅓ sheet for this recipe.
(iii) The petals of the flower need to be of equal proportion, so devide your pink sushi rice to 5 portion (Around 30g per portion).
(iv) Take 1 X ⅓ nori sheet, lay it horizontally. Arrange pink sushi rice at the centre in a strip. Next, bring both side of the sheet together, pressing the edges firmly. This will create the teardrop shape of the petal. Repeat this for the balance 4 x ⅓ nori sheets to create a total of 5 petals.

3. Flower Roll (inner)
(i) Take a rectangular piece of carrot & cut to the same length as half of nori sheet.
(ii) To make the carrot round, scrape the edges of the carrot with a knife.
(iii) Take 1 half nori sheet in one hand, arrange three pink petals with the pointed side up. Place the strip of carrot where the points of the petals meet.Add the last two petals to complete the circle.
(iv) Seal the Nori sheet around the petals using a few kernels of rice onto the end of the Nori sheet.

4. Flower Sushi Roll (outer)
(i) To assemble the Flower Sushi roll, take 2 half nori sheets and stick both ends together with few rice kernel. This will create one long, single sheet of Nori.
(ii) Place the long sheet of Nori onto your bamboo rolling mat. Using your fingers, spread a thin layer of white sushi rice across the entire sheet, covering about 80% of the nori sheet.
(iii) At the beginning of the roll, create 3 rice ‘walls’ close to one another (one finger width apart).
(iv) Take 1 half of nori sheets,fold and cut the sheets into three ⅓ nori sheets. Place each nori sheet in between the rice wall. Fill each nori sheet halfway full with minced cherry tomatoes to create the flower buds and followed by a few strips of cucumber skin.
(v) Place the pre-prepared flower roll onto the rice, after the third wall, followed by the rectangular crab stick wrap in nori sheets(flower stalk) on top of the walls.
(vi) Before sealing the roll, add a little white rice between the flower roll and the flower stalk.


This is a very beautiful food art.

I will upload the video soon ;)


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