Lazy Gudetama ぐでたま

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Today I made 3 bentos. あーたり…(Really am tired….)

1st bento was super ugly so I decided to remake it. 1st time made a fail bento….huhuhu. So I tried again & turn a “meehhhh” to a “O.M.G” Bento.
It is so good I reserving it for a special date to post.

Life lesson: don’t be afraid to keep trying and is ok to fail. Just try again and again and again!
Happy Thursday!!!
Stay tune ya…for the O.M.G bento ya..will reveal it soon too!

Because I am keeping the 2nd bento to post of a future day, I need to make a 3rd bento so I have have something to post today huhuhu

Have you try this Viral crazy spicy Korean Noodle before?
Everytime I eat this I feel so regret, but I don’t know why I still buy this everything I went to the supermarket. I am hooked!! Arghhh!!

korean spicy noodle

So instead of rice, I am having instant noodle. Healty right :P

What you will need:
1. Nori Sheet
2. Cheese
3. Fried Egg
4. Bacon

Side Dishes:
1. Taiwanese Sausage
2. Bacon wrap mushroom
3. Gudetama Egg hahaha

Tips: You just use a little bit of cheese for Gudetama’s mouth. So the balance cheese you can mix it into the noodle. It will also somewhat reduced the spiciness.


This is the 3rd bento that I had made today ♡ I am a huge fan of Gudetama ぐでたま


See da face….omg nottyy boy!!
Geram!! piak piak!!Gudetama

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