Halloween Trick or Treat.

1 Vietnamese Cold Noodle
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Do you celebrate Halloween? It’s a fun and creative celebrations isn’t it?

We were having some Vietnamese Cold Noodle Salad because we were eating clean after our US trip. I have some leftover for the next day. #LeftOverQueen :D lalalala I think how to beautify your leftover food is my thing now isnt it? huhuhu

Initially I wanted to make something else because the white vermicelli noodle inspired me to do something else.  I wanted to make a bento because I haven’t been making any for month due to travelling. But maybe because I took too long of a break, my skill are rusty. The vermicelli noodle do not have a flat surface, I had a difficult time placing my nori seaweeds cutting.

So this is actually Plan B. Always have a back up plan lol

One of my favourite ingredient to make bento other than rice is meatballs. It’s so easy to handle.

So firstly I shape the meatballs to the shape Spider that I want:14689123_10154510116446878_794305074_o

You will realised that this is almost as how I made Totoro Spaghetti too :)

Vietnamese Cold Noddle have the same ingredients as Vietnamese Summer Rolls or Spring Rolls. Here’s the link to Vietnamese Cold Noodle Recipe.

This is how normally my cold noodle would look like.


But for this bento,  I placed all my vegetables first at the bottom and then vermicelli noodles. Then lastly on top, Spider meatballs huhuhu

TADDAAAA!!! Abit too cute to be scary huhuhu


Spider has fatty legs huhuhu <3

Here’s the link to:

Vietnamese Summer Rolls & Cold Noodle Salad Recipe

Totoro Spaghetti 

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