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0 A Taste of Japan in Malaysia
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Ever since my 1st taste of Japanese Gyoza in Kyoto, it had been 1 of my favorite food. My hubby’s No.1 Food is Ramen, and my favorite is Gyoza. Perfect combination!

In Malaysia I would say that we can’t find any place that sells yummy Gyoza that taste like those that we had in Japan(yet). So, I tried to make it myself and had been making my own Gyoza ever since(That’s 3years already!). I am sharing with you the recipe and tips so that you can make it yourself in your kitchen.


Gyoza Skin- 1 packet (you can easily get this is any supermarket)
*I always buy pre-made skin because it’s like spegethi noodle, if it’s good enough, why make from scratch?
Well, if you want to make from scratch, you can. I’ll upload the recipe later.

Ground pork/chicken/beef/lamb 500g
(for my muslim friend, you can use beef, chicken or lamb. I tried lamb before, it’s very nice too)

Half Carrot shreaded
2 clove chopped garlic
1 onion diced
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp shao hsing rice wine
salt & pepper


Mix everything in together.2014-11-25-23-18-10_deco

Here’s a video I made using G+ Pretty awesome feature!

For cooking:
cooking oil

1.Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. Put in gyoza and cook on medium heat until the bottoms become brown.
2.Add water, about 1/3 of the gyoza’s height. Cover the lid to steam the gyoza for 3 mins.
3.Uncover and cook until water is dried up and the bottom of gyoza are Crispy.



Dipping Sauce:

soy sauce 2tbsp
vinegar 2tbsp
cili oil 1 tsp

*I  use prawn chilli because spicier




Tips: To have a perfect crust and crispy gyoza base, after the water evaporate, let it continue to fried a few more minutes until the base is crispy.


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