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I just bought 2 new bento box from my Hokkaido trip in December.
Super duper cute kitties bento box. When I saw it I already knew I need to buy it huhuhu
I even bought the matching chopsticks too!




Since the bento box is full of cats and fishes prniting, I really wanted to make a bento with cat & fish theme.
I also used a cat puncher that I purchase from Hokkaido. As for the rice, I didn’t use the mold, I mold it myself because I wanted a 3D cat.
Definitely invest in a nori puncher. I think it help me alot. It saves alot of time because cutting little shapes on nori is really not easy.



I never really fried a whole fish or use it in my bento before, and I really wanted to try for this bento post.
Sillago Fish (I think it’s the name of the fish, let me know if it is wrong)  is available in the market. I really like these fish because it is small, so that it fits my bento box. It’s also very tasty when fried.
I don’t really know how to handle big whole fishes, so I usually stick to fish slices or small fishes like these.


Just sprinkle some salt and fried it. Here I made some cutting on the fish. Don’t do that, it’s a mistake. These fish are too small. The meat was falling off by the end of the frying process.
Luckily I have 3 fishes. I always have back ups just incase things happen and I have a Plan B.

For this bento post, I also made some fish bones for finishing touches.
These fish bones are made using carrot slices.
Here’s a step by step photo.





I’ll upload the video of making the fish bones at the bottom of this post. Check it out.

I even got a new stand and have a better angle for the video making.
Will upload some youtube video soon. It took me forever, the process is even longer compare to writing a blog.
I guess I am still not used to it yet.




What do you think? I think it’s the cutest of all the bentos that I had ever made!


Super cute isn’t it! Totally love the 3D cat and a whole fish concept.


Kitty is like, “No! That’s my fish!”



I actually also have a video of the making of this Kitty caught a Fish bento. Will upload it soon and share with you all.
I really need to work on my youtube skill huhuhu

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