Po, Kungfu Panda

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It’s hump day Wednesday.

One of my favourite cartoon is Kungfu Panda.

Po is soooo goofy.

And I wanted to made this bento since last month. Sorry I always took so long to do my bentos and update my post.

Bento: Po (rice) with long bean and Salmon.

Kungfu Panda

Here’s the ingredients you need:
Nori sheet
Black Sesame seeds


1. Make Po’s face, shape like a tear drop/onion
Haha even his face is funny
2. Make 2 small round rice balls for Po’s ears. And wrap it up with nori sheets.
3. I use free hand cutting for Po’s eyes, pupils, nose and mouth.
4. Use bubble tea staws to cut out cheese for Po’s eyes.
5. Assemble
6. Place 3 black sesame seeds at each side of Po’s mouth for extra effects.


“Your real strength comes from being your best you”-PO, Kungfu Panda.


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