May The 4th Be With You

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That day when I posted my Storm Trooper bento, 1 of my friend commented that he will be looking forward to my bento on May 4th…..I was totally clueless. So I ask my pandai hubby, what does my friend means?

Hubby said every year on May 4th, there will be alot of Starwars post because “May the force be with you” = May the 4th be with you haha

Hubby said it is a great idea that I should be doing a bento to post on that day too.

I have a Bento Box (that I love) that was a special gift from my close friend, she has been like a fairy god mother in our life and she is a huge fan of Starwars.  It would be my honour to make a bento and dedicate it to her on that day :D AND she loves Yoda, so I plan to make her a Yoda Bento to surprise her on that day!

The plan is SOOOOoooooo perfect! Great bento idea, great date to post! Totally looking forward to it!

Now, the difficult part was making the actual Yoda bento itself! Yoda is so difficult to make! I was so worried. I even google’d for Yoda bento inspiration of other works but mostly that attempted Yoda Bento, the results were pretty far off from what Yoda actually looks like.

Must think positive and just do my best!~


2nd part of my story:  Before May 4th arrive I do have a few other bentos that I had planned to do first. One of it was a special request by hubby. He suggested that I make Android Bento.

I attempted Android bento and it failed! It look so ugly I don’t event dare to post a photo of it. Not cute at all!!

okla…here’s a photo of my failed Android Bento :( FAIL


I felt so sad…I never fail making a bento before.

Then, I decided that I wanted to make another bento because I don’t really like to fail and want to challenge myself to overcome this feeling.

So I thought to myself, what other bento that I can make? Hopefully using the same green rice so that I don’t waste food.

The bells in my head ring so loudly!!! I SHOULD MAKE YODA!!!

Yoda is green too hahahha My mood lifted and I started to mold Yoda.


O.M.G!!!! Changing a mehhhh to AWESOME!!!

I overcome my failure! Thank you Master Yoda. Wise you are!Yoda2

Rice + Nori Flakes
Cucumber-Yoda’s wrinkles
Cheese-Yoda’s eyes
Nori- Yoda’s pupils

Side Dishes:
Boiled Egg
Taiwanese Sausage
Mushroom Bacon Roll

I guess this is a life lesson huh. Don’t be afraid of failure, just try and try again until success!Yoda4

I am so proud of myself! This really nicely done. Yoda Bento is perfect! Yoda3

Gosh…and I thought Stormtrooper was difficult to make, Yoda Bento is by far the most challenging one!

I am counting the days till I am able to show my close friend my Yoda Bento creation!!



And guess what? There is a 3rd part of this story….because on that day I end up making 3 bentos!!! Record breaking day!

First time for me to make 3 bentos in a day. And after Yoda Bento? Which is like the most difficult bento that I had made so far in my life….huhuhu

So, after I completed my Yoda Bento, I was so happy and was  busy taking photo of it and then suddenly I realised….wait a minute, I need a bento to post for today lol

Oh well, why not! Let make a 3rd bento then!


To check out my 3rd bento, click HERE.

Will upload the Mushroom Bacon Roll later.

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