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Quote of the day:  ”The Most Important Thing Is To Keep Trying”

So…..initially, I wanna make a bento for hubby’s GBG program. GBG logo is very colorful; Red, Yellow, Green & Blue. The problem for me is Blue rice. To get Blue rice you cook red cabbage to get the red juice and then add in some soda bicarbonate.

I usually don’t use color flakes because I prefer to use food to get the color rice that I want. For example:
Yellow Rice= Half Boiled Egg Yolks. Curry Powder
Pink Rice= Sakura Denbu
Red Rice= Tomato Sauce
Green Rice= Nori Flakes
Grey Rice= Grounded Black Sesame Seeds

I rarely eat red cabbage, so I thought it is a waste to buy them just to make blue rice. Besides, I am travelling again soon, so I cheat abit this time by using the color flakes that I bought from Japan. But the color flakes that I bought from Japan discolorized because I totally forgotten all about it for so long. Time seems to somehow gone quicker and quicker. 

So,with only white rice, side dishes ready, I quickly think of what other bento that I can make. 

Side dishes:
Boiled Prawns
Boiled Brocolli
Roll eggs with carrots and spring onions
Fish cake + cheese roll (NEW: will take video of how i make it next time and will update here.)


Did you guess it?

This is Miffy, the little rabbit.

14002517_10154320480001878_792048936_oPhew~! Luckily, my bento still looks adorable <3

I also really like how the Fish cake + cheese roll turns out. So pretty!

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