3 Cats In My Catbook, Neko Atsume

0 With cute fish bones momentos <3
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How many cats do you have in your Catbook? I have 3 kitties!!! huhuhu

I am having another #BentoMarathon sessions for April. So while I was sketching what bento I should be making the other day, hubby requested another Neko Atsume Bento for all the pussy lovers.

As mention in my previous Neko Atsume Bento post, I have alot of friends that play this game.

Those that play this game, you have a Catbook for your kitty collections right? huhuhu this is the inspiration of my bento.

Neko Atsume fans love collecting Momentos too. Check out the fish bones I made using carrot. Cute dao BOOM haha

You’ll notice there’s some minor differences of my actual bento compare to my sketch. Well, it happens sometimes when you are making the bento. This is sometimes due to the placement and arrangement which I think it will look better with the change. Or I just happy doing it that way. I don’t know hehe

Don’t worry too much about this, you should have fun making bentos…..do whatever you want that makes you happy huhuhu

Neko sketch

1. Nori sheet
2. Black Sesame Seeds
3. Soy Sauce
4. Rice
5. Carrots-deco (for the Fish bone haha. Momentos! you Neko Atsume fans huhuhu
6. Salmon-sides
7. Lady fingers
8. Egg Rolls

1. Grind some black sesame seeds.
2. Each cat I used around 3-4 tablespoon of rice. Check the size of your Bento Box.
3. Mix Black sesame seeds to rice for Grey cat.
4. Mix few drops of soy sauce to 1 table spoon of rice. For Cat 2 with brown ears (Bottom left cat)
5. Use Cling Wrap and mold your rice ball to the shape of a cat face.
6. Make some fish bone with carrot slices. Photo below to see how I make them and tolls I used.
7. Assemble
8. Cute eyes,wiskers, mouth and paws to all the cat rice balls.

Neko Atsume3

Neko Atsume4

Just checking the make sure the rice balls fit.Neko Atsume5

Assemble all the side dishes.
Neko Atsume7

Making the fish bones. I was lucky that I already have a fish shape cutter. I just neet to make a few cuts to make the bones.

Below are the tool I recommend. carving knife and tweezer to cut off the carrots slice end to remove it.Neko Atsume6


Here’s my punchie collections.


Make some whiskers,mouth, paws <3<3<3



Side dishes: Egg Rolls, pan fried salmon & blanch lady fingers.


Hahahaha Tubbs chubby face is just to too cute! He’s looking cheeky coz he has the 2 fishbones ngek ngek ngek

Neko Atsume2

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