Tubbs join us for dinner

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Do you play Neko Atsume?

My hubby and friends are so addicted to it.  So 1 day I thought why not make a bento of Tubbs and surprise my hubby for dinner.

Tubbs is the most famous cat in Neko Atsume.  He is so cute!

The chicken wings in the photo is Gochujang Chicken Wings . Click here for the recipe.

Tadaaaa!!! Super cute! I am so proud of my creation.



Sneak peak! Here’s how my table looks like before I start my work huhuhu

Preparation is so important.

TIPS #1: Have a tub of water so you can wet your hands. This is important when you are working with rice. It’s sticky.


You will need (Ingredients):
Nori sheet
That’s it!

TIPS #2: Here’s a great tip, use cling wrap to mold Tubbs.

Hahaha poor Tubbs. He looks mummified harharhar



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