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Bento for me is not only cooking, is more on displaying food items to make it look more appetizing too.

This works well when you have left over. Sometimes leftover dishes looks sad and you don’t feel motivated to eat it.
But it is a waste to throw out food.
By displaying in bento, the dishes looks cute and it makes me happy to eat it.
Some dishes are really great as leftovers, like braised dishes or curry dishes. Usually, for me I’ll cook for more of those, 1 extra portion atleast and will use it for my bento creations.

Last dinner, I cooked my simple chicken curry again. It’s my comfort food.
And I like to cook simple :P lazy actually~
Here’s how leftover looks like.


It’s ok, looks normal right. But let’s pimp our lunch up! Let’s  bento it <3

I bought these bento boxes in 2014 from Japan.
It is super adorable and matchy matchy.
They have a few design but I got a Geiko and Ninja ones.
1 for me and 1 for Marcus.

We love Japan alot.
My favourite is Kyoto. Love the sakura, the geisha, geiko and kimono.
Marcus love Ninja and everything about Japan too.
That’s why a Geiko and a Ninja bento box.

11187235_604932022976513_5687036776863904195_o (1)

There is 3 compartments. It’s pretty small.
The top is actually a bowl, you can used it to make miso soup.

I didn’t use these bento box much because they are my favourites.
It’s very precious that I am afraid of using it, worries that I will damage it. Silly right?
Recently, I brought it with me to Singapore home. Hope to make more bento with it and share with you all :)

For this post, I am will be using the Ninja Bento.
Yes, you guess it right, it will be a Ninja themed bento.




Ninja is covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan.
Iga and Kōga clans are villages that devoted to the training of ninja.
We visited Iga Ueno’s Ninja village before.



My Ninja Bento.
Can’t imagine that these are all leftovers right?


I made ninja onigiri.
It’s very easy to make. I took bento making videos. Will share later at the bottom of the post.
Stay tuned!

Nori Sheets

Side Dishes: (You can use any leftover food or side dishes you have)
Curry Chicken
Stir fried kailan
Omellete with red pepper and spring onions



WAHHH!!! Looks like manga ya <3



And some selfies with my cute little ninjas <3

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