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I started to organize Local Guide Events and Mei Yi was so kind to teach me how to use Peatix, tools for community and events.

I wanted to do something nice for her in return huhuhu

And I love Pea-chan, Peatix mascot!! Super adorable <3 huhuhu


This is one of the fastest bento I made. In terms of coming up with an idea and doing it.  I drafted this on Tuesday. And I made the bento on Thurday! lol

Supersonic! woooottt!!

Since this week scheduled post are full, I send Mei Yi a teaser on Thursday after I made the bento hahaha

peatix3Teaser!! Hand cut Peatix Logo.

This post is schedule the next week  after I made it huhuhu


peatix2Awwww Pea-cha so kawaiiiiiii

peatixTotally loving the colors. Not bad huh, came out pretty same as my draft ya.

Colorful Salad Recipe:
1. Boiled a handful of Edamame. Unshell.
2. Stir fried corn kernals and carrots cubes in butter and add oregano herbs. Add salt to taste.
3. In a bowl, Mix in the corn kernels, carrots, cherry tomatos and Edamame.
4. Serve.


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  1. Mei Yi / November 2, 2016 at 11:12 pm / Reply

    Kawai maxxxx! Thank you for this amazing creation!

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