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0 Winter is here~
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Winter is here!!!!

Winter is my favorite season. Mostly because my name Shirni in chinese is 雪妮, “雪” is snow.

Here’s how my work station looks like.

15182434_10154629407241878_487888062_oUsually I’ll prepare all the side dishes first before making my bento.

I was thinking of making either Penguin or Polar bear. Both of these animal relate me to winter. I decided to go for Penguin this round because they are just too adorable!

Have you been to Philip Island, Australia? There they have they tinniest Penguin in the world <3 Super adorable to see them coming back from the sea. I do highly recommend it!



penguine1Check out the snowflakes! It’s made from cheese. I got this snowflake cookie mold a year ago. Finally able to use it!

penguine3Selfie with my Penguin Bento <3


I had ton of fun making this bento.

I am also trying out new things like making videos and taking selfie with my bento huhuhu

Here’s some Instagram Video that I took.

 This is like horror movie lol

Here’s the Bento Making Video


 Links to:

SnowFlakes Sandwich



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