Pokémon Challenge on Google Map

0 Gonna catch 'em al!!
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1st April 2014. Google Map launched Pokémon Challenge for April Fools’ Day. So much fun!

I got 75 so far…How did you do?

So much fun!!! Well done to Google Map team. You definitely bring in alot of crowd to use Google map today ;)

2014-04-01 06.00.04

2014-04-01 01.24.25



2014-04-01 08.00.55

I got stuck at 106….then my friend told me there is a list…. cheat sheet:



Thanks Google Map Pokemon Challenge, now I know got HELL is actually in USA ;D

2014-04-01 08.40.03

Vulcan Point Island, Phillippines. The island within a lake, within an island, within a lake, within an Island!! Whole new level of awesomeness!



Finally, 150! My last pokemon is @ Nintendo HQ

BONUS ROUND: Where is MeW?

2014-04-01 09.38.05

2014-04-01 09.40.11

2014-04-01 09.41.30

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