Sakura Cheesecake Class

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I Love Spring <3

I Love Sakura <3


(Photo Credit: Iloha Culture Centre)

2014-03-28 17.37.22

(Photo Credit: Iloha Culture Centre)

2014-03-28 17.37.13

(Photo Credit: Iloha Culture Centre)

2014-03-29 10.27.02

Crush Cream Crackers and mix well with black sesame seeds.

2014-03-29 10.58.40

Before adding the cream cheese in

2014-03-29 12.37.33

I found out that I didn’t stir in the cream cheese bit-by-bit into matcha poweder, hence not so green.

2014-03-29 04.57.56

My not so perfect Sakura Macarons. But I love them still.

2014-03-29 05.00.22

Sakura Machi with Red Bean paste fillings. Yumzzz~~

*will upload the recipe soon ;)))

So If you want to sign up for the cooking class, here’s the link

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