Sakura Onigiri

1 1st Day of Spring <3
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Late post. I made this Sakura Onigiri for lunch in March on the 1st day of Spring.This is a very beautiful and elegant onigiri and it will be a perfect bento for Mother’s Day!
It’s beautiful and elegant like Mommy <3

I bought some frozen Sakura Petals from Japan in Dec 2015.
These are actually Sakura Tea, but I don’t really like it as tea. Too salty. But it is so pretty!

Last time my Japanese friend teach me to make Sakura Macaroons, so I thought why not make Sakura onigiri, it would be so pretty.

Have you try Sakura Tea before?sakura5

Nori Flakes
Toasted Sesame Seeds
Sakura Petals

Side dishes:
Colorful black pepper beef
Lady fingers
Boiled egg

Dust off the salt and soak the petals into water.

Careful, the sakura petals are very delicate.Handle with care.

Just make a round rice ball. Sprinkle some nori flakes and sesame seeds on top before place the sakura petals on the onigiri.

Isn’t it pretty?  <3 <3 <3sakura2 (2)


Beautiful~ Perfect Bento for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day <3

sakura2 (1)

What if you don’t have Sakura Petals?
Easy, just replace it with other editable flowers like:
1. Rose-from rose tea
2. Lavenders-from lavender tea

All moms love roses or lavenders :D


Rose photo from Scents Garden
Lavender photo from Livestrong

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