Sakura Raindrop Jelly

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Lately I am on a jelly fever. Keep making lots of jelly.

End of last year I learn from a Vietnamese teacher that is based in Kuala Lumpur the 3D jelly art.
It was super beautiful but need alot of skill, practice and patience. However, the 3D jelly is very beautiful.

I finally attempted it once again , 2nd and 3rd  attempts!
2nd time, I burned myself a few times. 3rd time was better, didnt burn myself at all. But still took me 4 hours all and all.
Will blog post more about the 3D jelly next time.

I got some Sakura Flowers, real sakura flowers, from Japan.
In Japan, they sell it as Sakura tea.
If you can see the photo below, you can see that it is coated in salt.

I always wanted to make Sakura raindrop jelly. And on my 2nd attempt to make the 3D jelly, I noticed that I had some left over jelly. Why waste that! So on my 3rd attempt to make the 3D jelly 2 weeks ago to celebrate a friend’s engagement I try making a batch of Sakura Raindrop Jelly.
It was so pretty!!!

It’s also a perfect time to make them now because it is Spring and Sakura will be in full bloom soon.
Reminiscing my trip in Kyoto <3 It’s really like heaven.

Here’s using the left over from 3D jelly.
Later I did another batch using Konnyaku Jelly powder, store bought. We need to keep experimenting :)


Here’s the result of my 1st attempt! So dreamy right.
I made 3D jelly and this Sakura Raindrop jelly for hubby’s colleague. They are celebrating his engagement.


Last weekend I made another batch for a friend’s birthday.
I made extras (3 pack of Konnyaku powder!) and gave it to some other great friends too.

For the step-by-step video, I’ll upload it at the bottom of this post.


1. Sakura Flower
2. Konnyaku Powder (1pack 500ml water)

Yeap, that’s it! It’s that simple!

I used 3 packs of Konnyaku Powder, but that’s alot.
So I end up left over, which I made some with longan fruit (can) huhuhu to eat myself because I gave away all the Sakura Raindrop Jelly.

1. I added the longan water to substitute water. So the jelly have some longan fragrant.
2. I know it might be difficult to get hold of Sakura Flower, you can substitue it with other edible flower. Or use flower tea.


This sakura flower you can used it for any desserts, onigiri (rice ball) or sakura tea.
I don’t like sakura tea because as you can see it’s coated in salt. Too salty for my taste of tea.

I used the sakura flower to make macarons and onigiri for my bento before.
It’s really beautiful and elegant.


Add hot water into the bowl of sakura flowers to wash away the salt.
You will see the Sakura petals open up. It’s a magical moment for me.


The smell is wonderful. It really reminds me of Kyoto.
I miss Kyoto <3


Put sakura flower into containers or bowl, I really need to find nicer containers because the current one is not round bottom like the bowl that I am using.
With round bottom, the jelly will be smooth so that you will have the Raindrop effect.

Boiled 500ml water for each 1 pack of Konnyaku powder.
I did supplemented some can longan fruit juice with water.
Firstly, I don’t want to waste the yummy longan fruit juice. And secondly, the jelly will have a hint of longan sweetness which goes well with the saltiness of Sakura flower.
While you smell the sakura flower, you taste some longan hints. Perfect combination really.

It’s optional. if you prefer water so that you want sakura flower to be the center of focus, just go ahead :)

After pouring in the jelly mixture, I used a chopstick to move the sakura flower around to make sure it opens up.
And position the sakura flower as I wanted it to be before the jelly set.

I am still experimenting the best way to make the sakura petal set beautifully in the jelly.
It’s still not perfect yet. So once I find a better method I’ll update this post.
As for now, I just use chopsticks to move the sakura petal around until the jelly semi-set.
Then move the sakura raindrop jelly into the fridge overnight.


TADAAAA!!! The end results is super gorgeous!!!



It’s perfect as a gift too! Very elegant. And it’s not easy to get real sakura flower in Singapore or Malaysia. My friends did really appreciate this gifts very much.

I am very happy that they love it :D
These are all the photos they took for me to be posted in my blog. So proud of my #MadeByShirni Sakura Raindrop Jelly <3


Thanks Bella & Ara for the photo <3


Thanks Aileen for the photo <3


Thanks Bernice  for the photo <3

Here’s the youtube video of the Sakura Raindrop Making.
Hope you can try it out!

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