Saving Un-ripe Avocado

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I love avocado!
I can eat it everyday. Any possible way, on toast, as it is, as paste, as sauce…..omg love them!

2days ago, I accidentally cut open an un-ripe avocado.
Usually, I just throw the avocado away. It’s a crime. Avocado is so expensive now a days.
In Singapore it’s atleast SGD 1.50 per avocado. Malaysia it is RM5!!!
Super expensive!So when I accidentally cut open a very unripe avocado,I felt like I wanna die…..ok kidding not that extreme, but yeah still really hate to throw them away.

It’s always a challenge for me to cut the avocado at the right time.
It’s like a lottery or gamble isn’t it.
If I am lucky, I’ll get the perfect avocado.
I was rushing, I don’t want to throw it away but I don’t have the time to handle this now.
So I remove the pit and put them in the fridge.
What a huge mistake! I found out later……
What to do when you accidentally cut open an unripe avocado?

Here’s the solution I found on Google search: Put them back together as if you never cut them, wrap them up in plastic wrap and leave in room tempreture until it ripen.

I have yet to try this because I already remove and throw away the avocado pit and I already leave my avocado for 2 days in the fridge. T.T

What my friend, Aileen suggested: Chop them up, mix with milk and sugar, freeze them and eat it as ice cream tomorrow.
I initially plan to do this. Ice cream avocado yummmsss homemade too!

This morning, I wanted to have toast for breakfast.
I remembered that I also read on google that I can stir fried them. So, I’d gone for this method this time. Very curious.
I cut the avocado in slices, add butter and stir fried the avocado until golden. Sprinkle some salt, and I had it with toast and fried egg.
So yum!!!!



I saved the avocado!
It had soften after stir frying. Slighlty golden crispy on the outside by butter.

Note: Please don’t purposely cut un-ripe avocado to try this! hahahha that’s a crime! Police will catch!

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