Spaghetti Totoro & Dustbunnies

1 With Japanese Hamburger Steak
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Sorry guys, I just got back from USA. Actually I already made this bento on the week I flew to SFO. But didn’t manage to blog and post it.
The trip was awesome! Attended Local Guide Summit 2016 with 74 others from 37 different countries. I made so many new friends. It was so much fun!

Anyways, back to the bento. I was eating light because forward planning, there will be alot food adventure in USA, so I wanted spaghetti.
And for the ingredients, I want to keep it simple because I don’t want any leftovers as we are already flying off in 2 days. Besides, I only have minced pork in the fridge. So I wanna try Spaghetti with Japanese Hamburger Steak because I think it will go well together. You can swap minced pork to chicken or beef.

To make it cute and fun to eat, I had shaped the minced meat for Hamburger Steak into Totoro and dustbunnies.
Here’s the link for the Japanese Hamburger Steak.

totoro-s1I made some extra parts just incase any of it didn’t come out right.


totoro-s5Too cute! So cute i wanna die huhuhuhu

totoro-s4Love the feeling of this filter <3

So this is a new Bento Box that I got. Super geeky! Love!


totoro-s2Still so cute in the Gameboy Bento Box.

totoro-s3I must say, this is one of my favorite bento <3

Click here for Japanese Hamburger Steak Recipe.

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