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OMG! I am so excited with the bento I made today.

I always wanted to make Star Wars theme bento, but it is so difficult. So always delay :P

I finally made it! Hands down 1 of the most difficult that I had made.

Much more to improve, but I am happy with this 1st attempt :D

It look so cool in my Star Wars Bento Box!!! Love it!!

I started it off with a Sketch. Initially I wanted to make this during last weekend where I have a group of friends over for Pot luck party.

But I run of time, so I didn’t manage to make it.


Ingredients for Stormtrooper:
Nori Sheets

Side Dishes:
1. Japanese Hamburger Steak (click here for the recipe)
2. Egg Rolls
3. Edamame
4. Chuka hotate

The change of side dishes from the sketch is because I had meat and chuka hotate leftovers from the weekend potluck. Hahaha

Actually, I like to use leftover for my side dish because it safe time and we should not be wasting food.

1. Mold the Rice to become Stormtrooper shape.
2. I mold the head first, then the body & legs, and lastly the hands.
3. Make sure the rice molded can fit into your bento box.
4. Assemble everything. Arrange the side dishes to your liking.


Tips: Always use cling wrap. I put 1 piece of cling wrap at the bottom too. This is for easy transfer to the bento box later.Storm3

Make sure the size of the rice molded fits the bento box. And also you still have space for the side dishes that you want to include into the bento.Storm4


So cute like baby Stormtropper haha


Look so cool with my Star Wars bento box that I got for Christmas present from a close friend!Storm5


Click here for Japanese Hamburger Steak Recipe.


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