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Lately I am on a jelly fever. Keep making lots of jelly. End of last year I learn from a Vietnamese teacher that is based in Kuala Lumpur the 3D...

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Teriyaki Style

Posted in BENTO, Side Dishes, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  January 25, 2017

Wow, this is a very super late post. I always cook Teriyaki Chicken or Salmon.  Today I realised that I have not share my recipe!...

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I am a huge fan of Gudetama (the lazy egg). I have some leftover Egg Roll (Tamagoyaki), and since it is yellow, I thought I make something of my...

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Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  March 5, 2016

Sorry for being away for so so long. There's alot of changes that happened since my last post. In short, I had moved to Singapore and had been busy...

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Flower Sushi Recipe

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  December 6, 2014

Flower Art Sushi (Kazari Maki Sushi) Ingredients: Vinegared Rice-White Rice 300g Sushi Vinegar 15g Vinegared Rice-Pink Rice...

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Japanese Gyoza

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  November 25, 2014

Ever since my 1st taste of Japanese Gyoza in Kyoto, it had been 1 of my favorite food. My hubby's No.1 Food is Ramen, and my favorite is Gyoza....

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Children’s Day Obento

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  September 20, 2014

Inspired by Japanese Children's Day こどもの日 Koinobori, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate Children's...

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Kero Keroppi Macaron

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  September 18, 2014

Was browsing for cute Macaron idea for my 2nd attempt and found this awesome video on Youtube. Refer to the bottom of the post for the video. (with...

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Saw this on youtube few months ago, when I google on how to make sushi roll art. But I always don't have the time to try it. And it seems like there...

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Kazari Maki Sushi Class

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  March 30, 2014

OHAIYOU!! おはよう Had tons of fun and learned how to make beautiful Kazari Maki Sushi, which is perfect to celebrate...

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