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I <3 Snow

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  January 6, 2017

I LOVE SNOW! Yes, must write that in capital letters huhuhu My name in Chinese is 雪妮. 雪 = Snow Just got back from Hokkaido. It's winter...

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Viral Whole Tomato Rice

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  November 22, 2014

The viral Whole Tomato Rice. Of coz, I must try also la. This is super simple. Super easy. And Soul Food. When you eat, and it's so good for your...

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Wake up to a rainy Saturday.....feeling sleepy~~yawnnn So hubby cooked me breakfast, super lucky me. While waiting,  I played with my bread and...

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Puppy Bread

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  October 20, 2014

While waiting for my hubby to finish work...I prepared this for my breakfast for tomorrow. Took me less than 5 mins. But so cute, so I still posted...

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Simple Curry Chicken Cooking time: 15mins max I learned this back in college. My bestest friend since childhood taught me this when we were a...

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