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Flower Sushi Recipe

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  December 6, 2014

Flower Art Sushi (Kazari Maki Sushi) Ingredients: Vinegared Rice-White Rice 300g Sushi Vinegar 15g Vinegared Rice-Pink Rice...

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Wake up to a rainy Saturday.....feeling sleepy~~yawnnn So hubby cooked me breakfast, super lucky me. While waiting,  I played with my bread and...

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Sunday Brunch

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  October 26, 2014

It's our 2nd wedding anniversary and I want to make hubby's favorite hashbrown & omelette. The below is a portion for...

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3colors Dango

Posted in BENTO, JAPAN, KYOTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  October 25, 2014

I always love dango ever since I first ate them in Japan 2years ago. This Saturday I tried to made some for tea time. ahhh.....bring back all the...

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Spaghetti Mummies

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  October 19, 2014

Boo! Sunday Lunch inspired by Halloween huhuhu Ingredients: For Mummies- Spaghetti noodle Nori Sheets Cheese Ghost- Cheese Nori...

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Gold Fish :: Food Art

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  September 20, 2014

This is one of the most simple food art that I made, but it is 1 of the most beautiful. Simple yet elegant ;) very 3D and impressive. Just a few...

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Kero Keroppi Macaron

Posted in BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  September 18, 2014

Was browsing for cute Macaron idea for my 2nd attempt and found this awesome video on Youtube. Refer to the bottom of the post for the video. (with...

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Saw this on youtube few months ago, when I google on how to make sushi roll art. But I always don't have the time to try it. And it seems like there...

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Frozen fever ***

Posted in BENTO, WASABI BENTO, WASABI's KITCHEN by  •  May 3, 2014

I am also having Frozen fever. Olaf is the cutest character evaaaa Side Dishes: Chinese Mushroom Chicken Mix vege: Broccoli, Carrots & Baby...

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You cannot go wrong with B.A.C.O.N Here's my take on the Egg:Bacon:Muffin:Cup I did 2  different types: 1. With Tortilla Wrap 2. With...

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