Teddy Bear Bento

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I made this for Ifeel Magazine.

February 2015 issue::A Lovely Valentine’s Day.

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, you can make this for Mommy dearest too.




Rice (mix with 1 tablespoon of soy sauce)

1 slice Ham

1 crab stick



6 black sesame seeds

1 stick of Spaghetti


1 Bubble Tea Straw

1 Drinking straw

Small scissor




  1. RIBBON: Use crab stick, unroll and use the red part to cut out 2 triangles and 1 small round shape using a drinking straw.
  2. 2 BEAR PAW: Use Ham, cut out 2 big round shape using a bubble tea straw and 6 small round shape using drinking straw.
  3. NOSE: Use 1 slice of cheese, cut 1 big round shape using a bubble tea straw. Use Nori Sheet, cut 1 small triangle with 1 short line for the nose.
  4. EYES: Use Nori Sheet, cut 2 U-shape and use 6 black sesame seeds to make eyelash.
  5. BEAR:Head: 1 big round shape
    Body: 1 big triangle shape
    Ears: 2 smaller round shape
    Hands: 2 rounded rectangular shape
    Leg: 2 rounder rectangular shape (Slightly larger than hands)
  6. Assemble. Use Spaghetti to attach the ears to the head securely. The moisture in the rice will soften the spaghetti, so it is safe to eat.

Vday Bento

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