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Make this for bento for my friend that’s working in Xiaomi to cheer her up.


Hope she will likes it :)

She gave me a Xiaomi bunny the last time we meet and I told her that I want to make her a Xiaomi bunny bento.

I finally made it!!! After many many months huhuhu.

Xiaomi bunny is Xiaomi’s mascot. Actually, if you Google it, he comes in all sorts of costume. But I decided to go for the “original” one :)


Here’s a sketch that I had drawn while thinking what raw material that I have (existing available in my fridge and shelves) to make the color green, brown and red for the stars.


Xiaomi 3

1. Nori Sheets
2. Nori flakes- green rice
3. Soy sauce- brown rice
4. Crab stick
5. Carrots


Here’s a photo of the rice that I mix with nori flakes and soy sauce to make the rice green and brown. Mix Mix Mix.

Xiaomi 2


Can’t wait to surprise my friend tomorrow huhuhu <3

Xiaomi Bunny

Xiaomi Bunny Mascot

Updates: My XiaoMi bento was mentioned by Hugo Barra and XiaoMi official page. Yay!!!!

Hugo Barra


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